Success Stories

Kathryn overcomes anxiety, concussions, and more

“Neurofitness gave me back my life and livelihood.”

Changes in Kathryn’s brainmap before and after training indicate fewer frontal slow (delta) waves correlating wtih a greater mental clarity, increased word finding, and better focus.

Kathryn was an executive working in corporate leadership in the Washington DC area. She suffered four concussions over a period of five years due to several car accidents and a fall. One concussion is bad enough, but multiple concussions without full recovery of the previous one leads to much more severe difficulties. Prior to the accidents, Kathryn worked a 60 hour work week, had a photographic memory and excellent mental stamina.

Michelle – My PMS Stopped in the Middle of a Training Session

I showed up for my training appointment in the middle of a major hot flash episode. I almost cancelled my appointment. The most amazing thing happened during my training session. My hot flashes just seemed to vanish … Wow

– Michelle, DoD, Pentagon

Headaches and Stress

Dan Luca is a coach, trainer and speaker specializing in productivity and life balance for entrepreneurs through his company 5AM Productivity. Yes, he likes getting up at 5 AM and just happens to live in Transylvania, a beautiful area of Romania. Dan trained his brain through our Global Virtual Neurofitness Program.

Dan chose neurofitness training to see what was possible for his brain. “I wanted to know what else can be done with a really well trained brain. Like you train the muscles, you can train the brain. Maybe I can get more creative, more focused, more productive. I was eager to know what else can be done.” Dan was also interested in seeing if neurofeedback would help his stress- related headaches.

Dan describes his results:

“I have fewer, close to none, headaches. I used to get headaches quite frequently, 4-5 times per month. I would get headaches after long runs when I would get tired, or in situations where I was not at my best. In the last month or 2, I had one headache. Other than that I feel great even though I get a stressful situation or didn’t get enough sleep.”

“I get more restful sleep even though I get 1/2 to 1 hour less.” [With improved sleep quality some clients find that they need less sleep.]

Productivity was great actually. What I found out is that I would have more energy at the end of the day even though I get up at 5 am. I am more energized and clear throughout the day, much more so than I used to be before the training.”

“I was quite more productive and focused throughout the day. I do a great deal of creative writing and after training, I found it easier to focus and write good text from my first take notes. I also got a greater level of clarity.”

“I’m really glad that I met Marc and Cynde. They are wonderful people and help a lot of people improve their brain, solve their issues, and lead healthier and better lives.”


Pat – Reduced Mind Chatter, Less Worry, Stress Resilience, Improved Sleep

I used to have trouble with carrying over the events of the day, which would keep me from falling asleep or wake me up in the middle of the night replaying things. Now it’s like I’m able to flip a switch and leave it all behind. Eighteen months since my last training, I’m still sleeping great.

– Pat, Arlington, VA

J. B. – Jet lag & Productivity

I was able to hit the ground running and was alert and focused for my meeting on the morning of my arrival in London–no problem with jet lag. Thanks for all your help!

– J.B., International Finance

Life-Long Worrier, Jumping From One Problem to The Next

Lance is a gifted psychologist practicing in the Washington, D.C. area. He was new to neurofeedback and was keen to try it based on the incredible successes he had read about in trauma specialist Bessel Van Der Kolk’s wonderful book The Body Keeps the Score. “I’m obviously a big believer in talk therapy, that’s what I do for a living. But I was looking for something that could be effective in a much quicker way.”

Lance was personally interested in help for worrying, describing himself as “a life-long worrier, being up in my head, jumping from one problem to the next. Part of my mind was always thinking about what was next. This often woke me up or kept me up at night, sometimes for an hour or more.”

He was also interested in improving a negative mindset. “It was easy to get overwhelmed by problems, what’s going to happen next, waiting for the other shoe to drop all the time. I was just ready for the next thing that’s going to irritate me.”

Lance was a quick responder to neurofeedback, experiencing a difference with the very first session. [It’s often a series of more subtle shifts.] “I came out of this first session of neurofitness and I had this feeling of calm and focus. I used to have trouble reading. I had a professional book with me and I sat down and read an entire chapter in the waiting room. This was a very new feeling. I had been existing on this wave of anxiety for so long that to feel calm was a very unnatural feeling.”

“I’ve been trying to figure out a way to describe it [the changes] without sounding like hyperbole. I think to say 90% improvement is not exaggerating.“Lance talks about his improvements with neurofeedback in a number of areas.

Don – Energy and Consistent, Sustained Productivity

I was alert and focused well into the afternoon when the rest of the attendees were fading. They all wanted to know where I got my energy!

– D.S., Social Worker for Hospice Care

Agnes – Insomnia

I had only been able to get two to three hours of sleep each night since menopause. It has been twenty years. The evening after my first session, I slept for eight hours, and dreamed for the first time in twenty years. Now I don’t even think about sleep. It just happens. Thank you for helping me get my life back.

– A.H., IT Consultant

Stress, Multiple Concussions, Focus and Memory

Paula always gives 110% to her clients through her company Your Alter Egos which specializes in operations management, team development, and organizational structure. We ought to know, Paula was instrumental in streamlining the Peak Neurofitness office and work flow.

Although Paula loves her work it is often stressful and always demanding. She wanted to take her performance to the next level by reducing the stress symptoms she was experiencing and building her resilience to stressors.

Paula came in for help dealing with stress and accompanying symptoms that included daily headaches, frequent migraines, difficulty sleeping, feeling stressed, and high blood pressure, along with grinding her teeth at night and feeling fatigued. Paula also wanted to optimize her performance in the areas of focus and memory. Paula had a history of multiple concussions. She rated her headaches at an 8.5/10 and her stress at 15/10.

Paula completed 38 sessions of neurofeedback and is a happy camper. She rarely gets headaches and reflects on how much she’s changed. “I got to the bottom of my bottle of aspirin and I didn’t panic. I never used to leave home without them. Now I feel like I can just live my life and not worry that I’m going to get a headache and not have any aspirin. I rarely get headaches now unless they are weather related.

“My stress level is great. I’m not on high blood pressure medication because I have my blood pressure under control. And I’m much more patient with people, not getting snarly. [Yes it does happen to the best of us.].”

I would now [at the end of training] rate my headaches at 2/10 and my stress at a 3/10.

“My ADHD is a lot more manageable. My focus is better, not scattered or hyper. I’m really happy I did this and I share my story with everyone who wants to know more about how neurofeedback helped me.”


Jason – Wow, I’m at the airport and this is an 11

Jason, a former Marine came to us to optimize his brain performance. He’s an aerospace contractor, and inventor who wanted to enhance his focus, calm, and creative thinking. The results of training for him included: an enhanced flow of new ideas, the improved ability to move from idea to fully developed concept, and an enhanced ability to convey his concepts in a way that brought others on board for better buy-in, team development and support.

His comment refers to the enhanced sensory processing (in his case auditory and visual) that often accompanies gamma training. Jason also experienced faster reaction times.


Stephanie came to us wanting to experience neuromeditation:

It was wonderful, I loved it! it was very different from any meditation I’ve ever done. It was very much like doing an active meditation, very deep, very guided, but also very relaxing. And I felt calm and wonderful the whole time and when I came out it was just bliss!

I’ve done a lot of different meditations from Vedic to spiritual to every possible kind I could get my hands on and I’ve never had an experience like this. It was so impactful, so relaxing, and I feel like I did a lot of work without any effort so the benefits are just gonna be awesome. If I could do that every day I can’t even imagine how amazing my life would be.

Polly – Memory

Peak Neurofitness and Other Mind Matters

These blog posts represent a journal written by Polly Elmore as she experienced neurofeedback training.


1. Finding mental fitness with neurofeedback

 Neurofeedback is an exercise program for the brain, similar to physical exercise for the body – with similar results. Just as regular exercise can train your body to function more efficiently and easily, neurofeedback can train your brain. And you start to feel better and happier.

Poonam B.

I’m very thankful for the experience and the awareness of how my brain functions and how that was affecting my health. I’ve been largely free of migraines now and am able to manage day to day and work stress so much better- staying calm and peaceful.

These sessions have definitely grounded me and helped me tremendously.

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