“Peak Neurofitness training sessions are effortless”
“I sit in a big easy chair. I listen to the beeps. Sometimes I watch a DVD… It’s really effortless… My brain is doing all the work by itself.”
“Neurofeedback has saved my life”
“My anxiety was so great that I couldn’t sleep. I had memory loss, mental confusion, terrible problems with word retrieval… [After Peak Neurofitness training], I am able to go back to work. I am very, very pleased. Neurofeedback has saved my life.”
Executive at DC area non-profit
“Almost everything has improved. I’m very happy.”
“I got in a car accident… hit my head on the steering wheel. I was forgetful, had memory issues, had anxiety at work, I wasn’t able to learn new concepts… Since I’ve come to Peak Neurofitness, everything has changed. My energy level is up… I’m not as forgetful… almost everything has improved. I’m very happy.”
Dental hygienist
“I don’t have to use medication anymore”
“I’ve had migraines for 15 years. I was placed on narcotics and migraine medication that made me so foggy that I could not function… [After Peak Neurofitness training] I have more energy, less anxiety… I don’t have to use medication anymore and I’m able to return to my job as a physical therapist.”
Physical Therapist
“Recommended for anyone who wants to relieve stress, improve focus & eliminate insomnia”
“After I began the [Peak Neurofitness] training, I found that almost immediately, there was an ability to get right to sleep and to refocus on something entirely different… I would recommend it for anyone who is interested in relieving stress, improving their ability to focus… and to eliminate the night [mind] chatter.”
Real Estate Broker
“It’s been phenomenal”
“I was looking for alternative methods to gain more focus at work; I was having trouble falling asleep at night; I was suffering from migraines… After the very first session [of Peak Neurofitness training] I was able to notice results… I could think a lot more clearly.”
NASA engineer at Johnson Space Center

Choose your program:

  • Focus / attention
  • Confidence
  • Motivation / will-power
  • Productivity
  • Clear thinking under pressure
  • Memory
  • Releasing inner blocks to success
  • Dream bigger
  • Reset stress response
  • Work/life balance
  • Bounce back from stress
  • Sleep better
  • Worry less
  • Increase energy
  • Mitigate physical stress symptoms
  • Feel & perform your best
  • Creative problem solving
  • Peak state of consciousness
  • Hold the physiology of flow at its core
  • Feelings of exhilaration & intrinsic joy
  • Profound mental clarity
  • Sense of oneness, timelessness
  • Self-acceptance
  • Technology-assisted meditation
  • Real-time feedback on your brainwave states
  • Short-cut to faster, deeper, better meditation
  • Stop the mind chatter
  • Start a meditation practice
  • Enhance being present / mindfulness
  • Make life happen while keeping your zen on

Choose your location:

Arlington Center

2111 Wilson Blvd, Suite 700
Arlington, VA 22201

Phone: 703.824.8733
Toll free: 888.815.5829
Orange Line • Court House Metro

Burke Center

5246 Lyngate Ct.
Burke, VA 22015

Phone: 703.824.8733
Toll free: 888.815.5829
Burke Professional Center

GLOBAL Virtual Training

You can now train in the comfort of your home, across the U.S. and around the world, via the internet.

Clients from Europe to the Marshall Islands are discovering their optimal brains and life!

Ready to get started?
Here are the individual services that make
up our program:

Introductory Neurofitness Consultation

  • The introductory consultation is optional if you’d like to explore a bit more before getting started.
  • A chance to get acquainted and a no-obligation review of your problem areas and goals to give you the data to decide if neurofitness is a good fit for you
  • A realistic assessment of what neurofitness could do for you.
  • An opportunity to see a demonstration of the technology and what a training session is like.

Please allow 1 hour

Brain Map (also called a Quantitative Electroencephalogram or qEEG)

  • State of the art 12 or 19 site map
  • Your brainwaves are compared to a normative database for your age
  • Gives electrophysiological insights to your brain’s strengths and weaknesses, areas that are underperforming.

Map is used in conjunction with your goals and choice of training program to design your personalized brain training program. Just like no two brains are alike; no two programs are exactly alike. Using our decade of experience with brain maps and training design allows us to design the optimal program for you.

Please allow 1 hour

Note: May be purchased as stand-alone service

Neurofitness Assessment

  • Extensive assessment interview, complete history
  • Detailed discussion of problem areas and performance goals
  • Establish metrics for measurement of progress
  • Baseline performance testing
  • Done in same appointment as brain map

Please allow 1 hour

Personalized Neurofitness Training Sessions

  • Includes neurofeedback, biofeedback or a combination
  • Neurofeedback conducted using Peak Neurofitness proprietary protocols
  • Biofeedback may include Heart Rate Variability training
  • Thermal Feedback training, or Galvanic Skin Response training can be included
  • Training is designed to be responsive to the way your brain responds. Training protocols will be individually adjusted based on your brain’s response to training. Training sites, strength of training, frequency of training, bandwidths inhibited and rewarded can all be adjusted for optimal personal training. This is where the art of neurofeedback comes into play with our extensive knowledge of what training has worked for which brain patterns and responses to training.

1 hour appointment

Brain Remap

  • New qEEG done to visualize brainwave changes after training
  • Comparison of before and after maps
  • Can give insight into new training areas, if continuing

Virtual Global Training

Train at your own pace and convenience. No need to worry about in-office appointments, traffic, or weather. Can be used as your preferred delivery method with any of our programs. One of our neurofitness specialists will work with you remotely over a virtual platform to supervise your sessions, review training results and graphs, and make sure the training is responsive to your unique brain.

  • Includes equipment rental and supervised sessions

Train your brain at home, in your office, on a boat, or even in a tent or anywhere with an internet connection!

1 hour appointment

Hours & Location

Schedule an appointment today and discover your optimal brain and life!

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703.824.8733, 888.815.5829

peakneurofitness-img32 TIME
Tue-Fri 9am – 8pm, Sat 9am – 3pm

peakneurofitness-img33 LOCATION
• Arlington VA • Burke VA • Global virtual training

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