Our neurofitness training is effective, fun and safe for all ages

At Peak Neurofitness, we have developed the neurofitness equipment and a training process that is not only effective, but fun, and safe for all ages. Here is a brief overview of what you’ll experience during your neurofitness training sessions.

STEP 1 Initial Assessment

  • Brainmapping is painless and non-invasive. You wear a swim-type cap that has electrodes embedded in it for about 30 minutes while we measure the electrical signals being produced.
  • We interview you for a thorough understanding of how your brain is currently working, what your problems areas are and your goals for training.
  • You set progress measurements, i.e. how you’ll know it’s working. We hold ourselves accountable to your goals and progress.

STEP 2 Data Analysis

  • Our data analysis reveals the unique pattern of your brain’s performance.
  • Our decade of experience allows us to design effective personalized programs based on your map to get your brain working better and meet your goals

STEP 3 Results Day!

  • See your brain map and learn how your brain is performing.
  • Understand the electrophysiological underpinnings of how your brain works, why certain things are easy for you and others are more challenging.

STEP 4 Train Your Brain

  • Training is a pleasant process where your brain shift patterns in the background while you watch an enjoyable nature video or do light reading.
  • Training sessions are typically 30-45 minutes long depending on the training you’re doing.

STEP 5 Track Progress

  • Your neurofeedback specialist will examine the graph that is produced each time you train to see if your brain waves are shifting in the desired direction.

STEP 6 Practice

  • Your brain learns over time to retain the new more desirable patterns. As the training is retained for longer and longer clients naturally taper off their sessions.

STEP 7 Retain Your Skills for Life

  • Enjoy your new brain! Some clients come back quarterly for the first year after completing training for a check-up and booster to make sure they retain their training.

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