Neuromeditation Program

The Neuromeditation program is for those who are seeking:

  • The benefits of traditional meditation but in a much shorter time, even if you’ve never meditated before
  • To start a meditation practice
  • To recreate desired meditation states with ease and consistency
  • To take their practice to new levels


By teaching your brain with instant feedback, it’s like training wheels for your brain to access deeper states of consciousness with ease and far less practice.

Instant feedback helps you make progress at a rate that would normally take decades of practice.

What makes traditional meditation difficult?

  • Difficulty quieting the mind, stopping the mind chatter
  • Feeling restless in your body
  • Being uncomfortable with feelings that may surface
  • Getting bored
  • May take a long time to see the benefits, no immediate feedback
  • Possibly sitting in an uncomfortable posture
  • Distractions
  • Feeling too busy or stressed
  • No time

How neuromeditation transforms the meditation experience

  • We build your anti-mind chatter mental muscles

    • Your brain is actually in charge of how easy or difficult it is to quiet down. It’s a skill that can easily be trained at the neuronal assembly level, the core of brain function
    • We train your “gear shift” so you can shift into a calm state more easily
  • We train your brain to quiet your body

    • You become present and more aware of your body
    • Your over-active neural circuitry can attain a new sense of physical calm
  • We train mindfulness

    • The ability to be present, to be more “here” is a by-product of training the mind-body interface in the parietal lobe to function better
  • We train your brain to release past dramas and traumas that get in the way of quieting the mind.

    • Using a special type of release training, we train your brain to gently resolve and release past emotional baggage that’s keeping you stuck or anxious.
    • You feel lighter, clearer, more positive, more able to calm Feelings that come up during meditation are automatically released
  • Training is easy
  • Benefits accumulate quickly

    • Some will see results in their first neuromeditation session, others may take 5-10 sessions, a relatively short period of time compared to traditional meditation
  • Is done in a comfy recliner
  • No mantras or special techniques

    • The work is done at the neuronal assembly level so you don’t have to think about meditating

Coaches your brain into meditative states like you’ve never experienced before

If you’re already a long-time meditator…

You can take your practice to the next level! Experience states of consciousness never before attained or learn to recreate desired states with more ease and consistency. Neuromeditation can accelerate your path to deepening your practice or enable you to move more directly through “plateaus” or “stuck places.”

Never meditated before?

Neuromeditation can help guide your brain into a meditative state with very little effort. Even if the words “center yourself” are totally foreign to you. Once you’ve experienced a brain state in neuromeditation, you gain awareness of what it feels like. With additional sessions, you can develop the ability to intentionally shift into that meditative state of consciousness.

Our experience matters

We’ve studied with many of the pioneers in the field of neuromeditation and know what will work for you based on your personalized brain map. We have the scientifically-validated knowledge to help you learn to create brain states similar to those attained by monks with considerable meditation practice and expertise.

We use technology and techniques with proven results. The Venerable Thich Chi Thien, an advanced meditator who spent more than a decade in silent meditation was surprised to find that neuromeditation produced similar effects to his longtime practice.

In this video, the venerable compares his usual practice to his experience with neuromeditation.[the most interesting viewing is from 8:00-15:50 minutes]. He notes that in 30 minutes he was able to attain 80% of his deepest state of meditation.

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