High Octane Brain Program

High Octane Brain Program

The High Octane Brain Program is for executives, entrepreneurs, students, athletes, and others who want to boost their brain performance to an optimal level and achieve more in less time.

This program is specifically about activating key brain areas that are involved with:

  • Focus/ attention
  • Motivation, reducing procrastination
  • Decision making
  • Enhancing productivity
  • Organization and prioritization
  • Self- control and reduced impulsivity
  • Increasing self-confidence and optimism
  • Releasing inner blocks to success
  • Clear thinking even under pressure
  • Enhanced memory
  • Ability to shift between tasks with ease

Neurofitness is the ultimate biohack, the short-cut to teaching your brain at the neuronal level to create and sustain high performance states for business, school, or life.

Neurofitness and NASA

NASA has pushed the boundaries of the human experience off of this planet and into space exploration. Their pilots need a high degree of focus under high stress and sometimes monotonous and tedious conditions. NASA has spent decades studying ways to measure brain activity in their pilots and help them create the right level of attention for the task at hand.

In their pursuit they discovered neurofeedback, the principle on which neurofitness is based. The first brain rhythm they discovered was lobeta or SMR which they trained lunar astronauts to regulate.

Since 2007, Peak Neurofitness has provided neurofitness training services to individual clients from NASA Headquarters, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, and NASA Johnson Space Flight Center.

Why it’s difficult to get these benefits on your own:

  • It’s a brain thing, not a will-power or knowledge thing
  • Difficulties in attention and motivation are often associated with your biology, specifically excess slow waves in the left hemisphere of the brain.
  • Slow waves can come from concussion, stress, or genetics
  • Avoid the struggle and get right to the slow waves at their source
  • Skills or strategies alone are not sufficient to create the desired change and progress can be slow and frustrating
  • After training: time management, motivation, and other skills and strategies are easy to implement and bring the intended results. Many find they don’t need their previous strategies or skills much at all anymore.

The Neuroscience Behind Creating a High Octane Brain

In running thousands of sessions with high performers, we noticed a unique brainwave pattern of optimum performance in certain areas of the brain. In the High Octane Brain Program, you will be tuning up these areas which are primarily in the left hemisphere. These areas are responsible for our ability to focus, pay attention, shift our attention seamlessly, plan, organize, manage time and projects.

A tune-up means we work with the brainwaves to get them going the right speed. The speed of brainwaves varies from slow to fast. Too many slow brainwaves, such as delta or theta waves, will slow activity of the region creating an under-activation. You can also have an imbalance in the ratio of slow to fast brainwaves. We teach your brain to power up these areas to get them to a higher level of performance.

Areas of the Brain Important for Creating a High Octane Brain

  • Left prefrontal is responsible for all our executive functions:
  • Focus
  • Planning
  • Time management
  • Organization
  • Following directions
  • Creating structure for yourself
  • Impulse control
  • Not being distracted
  • Feeling clear and alert
  • Left prefrontal plays a role in reading, writing, and public speaking and any other activity that involves holding things in mind while you comprehend, or write or speak a sentence or thought.
  • Cingulate gyrus, this is the gear shifter of the brain, allowing you to move from task to task with ease. When under activated you get stuck on things and have difficulty “changing gears”
  • Your temporal lobe is a major hub in the brain. Lots of brain circuitry goes through this area and if it is slowed down we generally feel less sharp. A tune-up here helps you feel clear and sharp again.

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