Is there a difference between Peak Neurofitness training and online systems like Lumosity and other similar brain exercise programs?

Peak Neurofitness differs in several ways:

  • It works directly with the brain networks underlying good brain function. There are no tedious exercises or cognitive strategies to remember. The brain learns and responds at its own pace. This activity goes on in the background while a client is watching a nature video, reading, or is engaged in a computer game that responds to his or her brainwaves. All that is required is that the client is able to see or hear the feedback indicators. For example, you might be instructed to keep the gauges in the green or make the car go faster.
  • Neurofitness is based on neurofeedback (EEG biofeedback) which is accumulating an increasing body of research and has been approved by the FDA for relaxation and endorsed by the American Pediatric Association for ADHD.
  • Neurofitness produces a lasting change. It’s like learning a new skill for life. If you do enough sessions the brain will retain the changes. This differs but for most people it’s a minimum of 15-20 sessions.
  • Most people enjoy training and find it relaxing, calming, and refreshing. You should also notice an improvement in symptoms. For example, if you are training for focus you will find you have an increased ability to pay attention or feel more clear headed.
  • If you are training for relaxation, you will find you are more resilient to stressors and able to keep calm in the face of stress.
  • Sensors are placed on the scalp with a bit of paste (or paste-free saline) that conducts the signal from the brain. The brain’s electrophysiological signals are in the millionths of a volt category so they are next passed through an amplifier which multiplies the signal and conditions it so the computer software can read it.
  • Nothing goes into your head, only out. The computer reads the signals coming from your brain and compares them to a more optimal operating strategy.
  • When your brain is working better, you get a signal in the form of a sound (typically a beep) or a visual (winning the computer game!).
  • It’s that simple, it’s like an electronic coach with amazing insight into your brain.

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