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who want more fluid intelligence, creativity, and peak flow moments in their lives. Creative flow is peak state of consciousness where you both feel your best and perform your best.

Our Creative Flow Program

Our Creative Flow Program is the quickest way to teach your brain how to get into a flow state and nearly effortlessly return there on a continuing basis on demand.

Hack the physiology of flow at its core, your brain state.

Why is flow so difficult to attain?

Creative flow can be an elusive state. It’s been described by Steven Kotler, Director of Research for the Flow Genome Project as “… the most desirable state on Earth, [but]… also the most elusive.” His research indicates a number of conditions, ideally simultaneously, are usually necessary to trigger flow:

  • Intensely focused attention
  • Being fully present
  • Deep solitude
  • Long periods of uninterrupted concentration
  • Clear goals
  • Immediate feedback
  • Having the right challenge to skills ratio
  • High consequences
  • Rich environment with novelty, unpredictability, and complexity
  • Blocked off from distractions
  • Element of risk, mental, physical, creative
  • Sense of control, autonomy, and competence
  • Clear goal, but not so fixed as to not allow creativity to exist

Whew! No wonder flow states are elusive. All these triggers are all about creating the right brain state. Why not by-pass the triggers and just teach your brain at the neuronal level how to go into flow.

Take the Short-Cut

Neurofitness can teach your brain to go into a flow state just sitting comfortably in your armchair at home. Additionally, you’ll be able to reliably reproduce this state on your own after completing training.

You won’t have to wait for the perfect combination of internal and external events or conditions to happen to get your brain into the zone.

Benefit from our experience

We’ve run thousands of training sessions over the past decade training our clients to get into a creative flow state. We’ve learned that not every brain needs the same thing to learn how to get into the Zone. Personalized training based on your own brain map gets the best results.

Our team has studied with NASA researchers optimizing performance for pilots, sports psychologists who worked with the World Cup-winning soccer teams, and neurotherapists specializing in musical and theatrical performance. We learned brain mapping from the top encephalographer in the United States who has read over half a million maps and counting.

Benefit from our experience

We’ve studied the Neuroscience of Flow and understand what it takes for the brain to achieve it from a neurophysiological perspective.

Flow is a fascinating state. It involves the whole brain and multiple types of brainwaves working in coordination and synchrony. Beta is necessary for decision making, alpha for calm alertness and creation of the bridge to theta where deep wisdom and inspiration lie. The brain also needs to make these in the right ratios to each other and with the right timing. And it needs to be able to flow fluidly through each of these states. Each brain has its own starting point and its own strength and weaknesses that we work with in teaching the brain to create Flow.

“You know that what you need to do is possible to do, even though difficult, and sense of time disappears. You forget yourself. You feel part of something larger.”
Mihaly Czikszentmihalyi
Word’s leading researcher on Flow

What are the benefits of being in Creative Flow?

Have you ever gotten so involved with a creative project that all else was forgotten? Had a runner’s high? Lost track of time in a conversation? If so you’ve had some glimpses of flow. Wouldn’t it be awesome to be able to summon up that state of enjoyable high productivity on demand and stay in it as long as we want?

In Flow you feel completely present and fully immersed in the task at hand. Your sense of self may vanish or feel merged with your surroundings, outside distractions recede from consciousness. Flow is a strong contributor to creativity.

Flow states are a very crave-able state. Specific benefits include:

You’ll learn how to recognize and create a flow state, how to extend it, create more of it, and work with it to optimize performance and your experience of life.

Everything you do, you do better in flow…flow is the doorway to the “more” most of us seek.
Dr. Ned Hallowell
Harvard psychiatrist

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