Adopted Children with ADHD, Anxiety, and Attachment issues

A single mother brought her bright, music-loving eight-year-old son, Brian, to my office because the behaviors stemming from his ADHD had become intolerable. He was confrontational and aggressive. He had been threatened with suspension from school for his anger and for hitting other students, but he continued.

His mother hoped that neurofeedback would help provide a positive change in his behavior. At Brian’s first visit, he was so hyperactive, he could barely sit still long enough to put the sensors on but, after a only few minutes of training, he began to calm down.


After a series of office visits combined with home training sessions, during which he learned to calm and control his thoughts and actions, Brian was finally able to change his behaviors enough to make life for himself and those around him tolerable. On one visit, he apologized to me and his mother for his behavior and told his tearful mother for the first time that he loved her.
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